About Us

Since the education is the basic need of the society and community. Every parent is ready to provide good and expensive education to their children. By the grace of God we are ready to launch our new organization “UTKARSH SRIVASTAVA PUBLIC SCHOOL”. The school is totally CBSE board and all the teaching staff are from convent educated background.

The School encourages the students to keep their ideals high and to strive for excellence in every field. It endeavors to inculcate on them the value of freedom and its judicious use, respect of law and order. It also teaches them to abide by moral principles, to unselfish in the service of their country and fellowmen.

This school adopts the C.B.S.E. pattern of education and admits boys and girls from nursery to class 8th. The school runs under the UTKARSH SRIVASTAVA FOUNDATION. It’s an NGO and its work is to provide education to the poor children by giving scholarship, provide blankets families in winters, organizing functions for the enjoyment for the enjoyment to them in the slum areas.

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