Pre-Primary Section

The Pre-Primary Wing Contains of Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Prep. A number of manipulatives and technology are utilized to technician concepts and techniques at this level. Children are housed in broad colourful rooms. They’re supplied with another activity space, play area and toddler park.

Primary Section

The main Wing contains of classes I to V. Formal subjects are introduced in this stage.
Newest technology and one of a kind methodology that’s been created in consultation with leading specialists is utilized to supply the classes.

Middle Section

The Middle Section contains of classes VI to VIII and therefore are critical years that prepare a child to turn their fantasies into reality. Science & Social Science are officially introduced together with the third speech. Proper guidance is provided so that students recognize their abilities and lay solid base to pursue their own interests.

Secondary & SR. SEC. Section

Under Approval

The Secondary & Aged Secondary Section Contains of classes IX to XII.

The students expand their horizons and further explore the learning locations. Detailed analysis of formal topics is consumed.
Pupils are trained to create interest in self learning and identify their own potential.